Flow and Application Control

Boost yields, eliminate over-application, and dial in your input costs with our pioneering flow and application control systems, including flow/seed control valves, spot-spray products, and variable rate application and section control.

Save Money

Eliminate unnecessary input costs through accurate application of seed, granular fertiliser, liquid or anhydrous ammonia, and more.

Maximise Flexibility

Access our full range of solutions to enhance efficiency of your current operation.

Connect Your Farm

Upgrade dated equipment with the industry's first truly ISOBUS-compatible solutions.

Achieve Peace of Mind

Work with a global reseller network of industry-leading precision ag experts.

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Take Control of Your Crop Inputs

Integrating your implements doesn’t mean doing away with old equipment. With Field-IQ ISOBUS Control Solutions, you can select from a full suite of ISOBUS-compatible products that allow you to save money and get more out of the equipment you already own.