VerticalPoint RTK™ Grade Control

Whether you’re a grower or a contractor, Trimble® VerticalPoint RTK™ grade control achieves maximum vertical accuracy for all levelling and land forming operations. Increase your productivity with a solution that sets a new standard for uptime with continuous in-field operations.


Why move dirt twice when you could move it once?

  • Efficiently maintain grade control over time
  • Minimise operator cost
  • Access live dynamic data collection
  • Works seamlessly with other Trimble Water Management solutions
  • Offers maximum vertical accuracy over prior solutions and competitors
  • Can be upgraded easily with unlocks


  • Topographic Survey: Ensure you have the most accurate picture of the field you are working with high-quality topographic data.
  • Design: Achieve the highest level of precision by using topographical data to create an accurate, well-balanced design.
  • Bulking: Make sure the job gets done correctly. With enhanced vertical GPS accuracy in the bulking process to avoid a costly ‘redo’ in the finishing phase.



  • Finish: Avoid the costly downtime in finishing work caused by drift from inconsistent vertical GPS signals. Achieve the desired finish grade with fewer passes within millimeter accuracy instead.
  • Verification: Reduce the amount of time it takes to complete your land-levelling operations by getting the job done right the first time so that there are no surprises and no holdups in the field verification phase.

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