WeedSeeker 2 Spot Spray System

WeedSeeker® 2 is the next generation spot spray system from Trimble Agriculture. Redesigned for superior weed killing, it delivers all-around improved performance to previous solutions.

Using advanced optics and processing power, the WeedSeeker system detects and eliminates resistant weeds. When a weed passes underneath the sensor it signals its linked spray nozzle to precisely deliver herbicide and kill the weed, reducing the amount of chemical applied by up to 90%.

WeedSeeker® 2 Spot Spray System


Building on more than 25 years of experience in the agriculture industry, the WeedSeeker® 2 system brings generational improvement to the spot spraying market. Growers now have a game changing solution to herbicide resistant weeds.

  • Intelligent sensor
  • Reduce herbicide usage by up to 90%
  • ISOBUS compatible
  • Unbeatable accuracy
  • Lightweight sensors and cabling
  • Universal mount for easy installation
  • Fewer sensors needed with expanded weed detection width
  • Weed mapping and section control
  • Automatic turn compensation


New display not required—use any ISOBUS compatible display you currently own to monitor and control your WeedSeeker 2 system. Our simple and intuitive interface allows for people of any skill level to track herbicide use and log coverage maps.


Even the largest booms can now be outfitted with the WeedSeeker spot spraying system without bracing or retrofits. The lightweight sensor has an expanded coverage area matching the industry standard 50 centimeter spacing of spray nozzles


Along with WeedSeeker 2, you can continue using your current Autopilot™ system, sprayer control, data logging and transfer, and so much more. Or get a better return on investment by using your display and autosteering year round and in all farm jobs by upgrading to the GFX-750™ display system.


Knowing where weeds concentrate in your fields gives you the power to better attack them year over year. The WeedSeeker 2 system now logs where weeds are sprayed, so you can see in real time where your problem areas are, and review detailed maps from your records before your next spray.


Our intelligent sensors now know your boom speed and their position on your boom. That means they now won’t spray sections that have already been covered, and will automatically adjust their spray timing when making a turn.


Save time in the field by eliminating system recalibration. After a quick calibration upon powering on, WeedSeeker 2 intelligent sensors automatically adjust on the run to changing temperature, ambient light, and backgrounds like soil or stubble, ensuring sensor accuracy in all conditions.

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