Carrot Farm Sees 20% Increase in Efficiency with RTK Guidance

  Covering larger areas in less time and building more accurate carrot beds using the TMX-2050 display has meant that Leo Dunn Organics near Durrow, County Laois has reduced crop loss and improved efficiencies. Farm manager Tim Davies first tried a different system, but decided to switch after just one season. “Nothing went right with […]

4 Steps to Get Started with Precision Ag

There are seemingly endless benefits to adopting precision ag equipment and technology on a farm. It can help save valuable time and inputs while increasing your Return On Investment (ROI) in overall efficiency and profit. A study by Nesta, the innovation foundation, in 2015 found an almost 20% increase in income is possible from smart […]

What Is Precision Ag?

Precision agriculture (PA) can be an intimidating topic. High-tech terms like drones, robots, sensors, geo-mapping and big data come up when discussing precision ag. Not only are those concepts misunderstood and complex, but they all come with price tags— often large ones. All of this complexity and expense have led to the relatively slow adoption […]