: Planting and Seeding

Managing weather windows amid climate change

If there is one thing that will keep a farmer up at night, it’s the weather. And despite continually advancing meteorological technologies, weather has grown more unpredictable and localised, leading to shrinking windows of opportunity to apply inputs and get the combine rolling. Optimising these opportunities is where precision technologies can pay in dividends as […]

Automated End-of-Row Turns a Must for Large Potato Contractor

Ben Clappison farms over 4000 acres of potatoes on a contract basis in the United Kingdom. With the cost of planting, growing and harvesting speed potatoes averaging about £2000/acre, it is vital for his beds to be planted as accurately as possible. After a successful trial, he was happy with the results and ultimately chose the GFX-750 display system to achieve the level of accuracy he needed in his operation.

4 Steps to Get Started with Precision Ag

There are seemingly endless benefits to adopting precision ag equipment and technology on a farm. It can help save valuable time and inputs while increasing your Return On Investment (ROI) in overall efficiency and profit. A study by Nesta, the innovation foundation, in 2015 found an almost 20% increase in income is possible from smart […]

What Is Precision Ag?

Precision agriculture (PA) can be an intimidating topic. High-tech terms like drones, robots, sensors, geo-mapping and big data come up when discussing precision ag. Not only are those concepts misunderstood and complex, but they all come with price tags— often large ones. All of this complexity and expense have led to the relatively slow adoption […]

Are Your Investments Paying Off? Why Proven ROI is Your Key to Success

Precision ag technology is fast becoming the chosen means of on-farm investment to improve efficiencies and maximise productivity. However, any investment needs to add economic value to the business – and the best way to determine this is through return on investment (ROI): How much the value of the investment outweighs the cost of it. […]

How Precision Ag Tools can Reduce Inefficiencies on your Farm

By Zach Gettman No farmer wants to be inefficient, – but if you are not evaluating whether all aspects of your operations are optimised, then there are likely some areas where you could improve. Small improvements in efficiency add up over time, boosting productivity, yields and your bottom line. Though there are multiple ways in […]

Why Reliability Equals Profitability in Farming Today

By Michael Bruno If you have ever been ready to work in your fields, only to find your equipment isn’t working, then you know the importance of reliability. There are many time-critical tasks in farming — you have to be ready to go when the time is right, whether that’s getting crops planted or spraying […]